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Unable to remove external user from personal SharePoint site (OneDrive for Business)

I┬áneeded to share some large files with a client and decided to use a shared folder on my OneDrive for Business. Using the Invite People option, I invited two users external to my company domain in Office 365 Enterprise. One of the users (Andrea) forwarded their invite to a colleague (Ray). Ray used his name and email address to accept the invite and that caused all kind of chaos in my OneDrive for Business site. Andrea couldn’t accept the invite to her email anymore, getting an error “We’re sorry, but email@address can’t be found in the directory.” Issue type: User not in directory.

After some time of searching online, I couldn’t find the resolution to my problem. I simply needed the location where the external users were located, but couldn’t find them anywhere.
– Site Settings > People and groups only shows the Viewers group that was empty.
– The O365 Admin centre > Users list only shows the internal users.
– Sites and document sharing in Admin > Service Settings doesn’t exist anymore. There was an option there to remove individual external users, but not anymore.
Sites and document sharing

So I put in a call with Microsoft and within 2 minutes got an answer.

Under OneDrive for Business > Site Settings
OneDrive for Business - Site Settings

Under People and groups
Site Settings - People and groups

All we see is the Viewers group, with no members. There is no way to arrive at the All People list using the navigation.
People and Groups - Viewers

We need to change the URL MembershipGroupID parameter to 0 in order to get the All People list. This is where we can modify/delete the external users by selecting the user and choosing the appropriate Action. We can then re-invite the user; with instructions not to forward their invite to other people. (IE might cache the old user, so make sure you clear all IE caching. Chrome is fine.)

People and Groups - All People